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The Parhako Eco-system

The future of E-learning in Pakistan

Parhako Classroom

Take and record lectures digitally with online classrooms


Restrict student registration


Record the whole class for later use.


Fully equiped with smartboards, screen sharing and much more!

Parhako Lessons

Using our integrated LMS, manage your students and courses conveniently.


Register Students


Take quizes and exams


Give assignments and projects

Parhako IMS

Complete institute management with our cloud based portal.

Right-circle Fee tracking & online payments
Plus Admissions
Scale Student and Faculty management

Parhako StudyComing soon

Get your queries answered by the community.

Question-circle Q&A Forum

Filters and categories to find exactly what you need


Ratings and reviews to ensure you select the best

Parhako ExpertsComing soon

Find tutors for e learning or home tuition with ease


Register as a tutor/student


Filters and categories to find exactly what you need


Ratings and reviews to ensure you select the best

Parhako Meet Coming soon

A platform for webinars with access to huge audiences live.


Schedule a webinar


Go live with huge audience

Movie-Lane #2

Record the session for later viewing

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Parhako is facilitating the education sector with one of a kind solution for all the needs it has.

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Parhako for Good

Parhako wants to support people in the world who are doing good things. That’s why we offer special discount pricing for qualified nonprofit organizations and educational institutions.

Parhako for Non Profits

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Notable Features

Parhako Ecosystem
With our plethora of integrated apps, get started now with the one-of-a-kind complete solution for your school, college, university or educational institution.
Cloud based
Parhako is proudly hosted on AWS servers to ensure state of the art back-end support and services we can provide to our customers.
Data Protection
We ensure your data is safe with us with our Data Protection policy and constant updates to our security with latest protocols
Frequent Updates
We love Parhako and constantly finding ways to improve it, if you have any ideas - contact us and we might add you to the top of our Wall of Love.
We work hard to ensure Parhako is affordable to everyone with our flexible cost structure, feel free to reach out to us if you are representing and NGO or charity schools and we would love to help out!
User Friendly
We try to ensure the best user flow for all of Parhako apps - if something is bothering you, let us know here and we might be able to fix it for everyone!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Parhako is an educational technology company with corporate headquarters in Germany & Pakistan.. It is known for Parhako Classroom - virtual classroom for teachers and students, Parhako Learn - a learning management system, Parhako IMS - ERP for school management, Parhako Experts - Tutor finder for everyone!.

Parhako has different packages for different people, go to our pricing page to know more.

You can sign up easily here. You can also use your gmail to login.

You can fill this form here or email us at to schedule a demo with our team.

Parhako is hosted on AWS servers to ensure fastest and uninterrupted connection between the teachers and students, it’s cloud based and backed up frequently to ensure you can carry on your operations seamlessly.

Yes, we will be launching apps for both platforms shortly to ensure ease of access to Parhako app from anywhere any device.

The Parhako servers are hosted with AWS. We provide 99.99% service uptime for our paid accounts. Read more about security.

Parhako is currently only available as a cloud app. Should this change in the future, we will announce it via our newsletter.

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