Flexible pricing models to ensure affordability


The pay-per-learner model is also often called pay-per-seat. The principle is simple: you pay a fixed price for a certain number of learners added to the system. The benefit of this pricing model is that you can easily predict your monthly and yearly expenses for the learning management system.

Pay-per-learner prices are tiered: as the number of users goes up, the rate goes down. The amount of learners is usually calculated per month or year.

Number of Learners Rate per Month Rate per Year
25% Discount, if paid annually
For Teachers Take your class online 1 - 25 Users $39 $348
For Small Institutes Take your institute online 26 - 100 Users $129 $1,188
For Medium Sized Institutes Take your school/college online 101 - 500 Users $259 $2,388
For Large Institutes For multi-campus institutes 501 - 1000 Users $459 $4,188


Simplicity ​

Easy to understand what you pay for.


Easy calculations of your costs.


Pay only for students you teach.


You know the costs beforehand.


Price only goes up when usage increases

No Surprises

Know the full cost beforehand

All features

Access all features irrespective of number of students.

Registered users

Number of learners are stable.


Pay-per-active-users pricing allows you to add an unlimited number of users to the LMS; you’ll only be charged for the ones who logged into the system during the pay period.

The one thing you should know before committing to this model is that the price is usually bundled. For example, let’s say you expect to have 250 active users each month, so you choose the corresponding plan. Even if you don’t hit 250 but have, say, 200 users, you’ll still have to pay for 250.

The per-active-users pricing model is convenient when you need to train different groups of learners each month, for instance, if you’re a large coaching center and need to train your students. Plus, you don’t need to worry about inactive accounts, as you won’t be charged for them anyway.

Number of active users Rate per User/Month Rate per Year
For Small Institutes Take your institute online 100 Users $3.66 $4,386
For Medium Sized Institutes Take your school/college online 300 Users $3.00 $10,794
For Large Institutes For multi-campus institutes 500 Users $2.82 $16,944


Flexibility ​

Add temporary students or conduct a one-time course.

Spread learning​

Spread learning for different batches of learners evenly throughout the year.

Cost Saving​

You aren't sure there will be a stable demand for learning.


You don’t waste money on inactive/ghost students.

Less fuss with registration ​

You don’t have to delete a group of users to pay for new ones as you only pay for active users

Semester wise breakup​

It’s for courses that are repeatedly offered but to newer students every time.


The cost of this pricing model is directly linked to its usage. You pay little in off-peak times, but may have to pay only when the number of users increases.

This model can benefit those who sell their e-courses, as this model guarantees that costs go up only during periods of increased revenue. This way you can be sure that you’ll always be able to afford the change in price.


Control ​

Just pay for what you choose. If all members become inactive - you won’t be charged.


Price only goes up when usage increases

License Fee/Subscription

You buy a periodic license for Parhako, pay a set annual fee, and add as many users and courses as you want.

The price depends on the number of features included in the package. With each upgrade, new functionality is unlocked. It’s absolutely necessary to know which features you need. It is recommended for large educational institutes who are looking for one time payment and do not want to worry about the number of students/courses or classes. You would have the option to set up servers locally with you. You can also rebrand it the way you like while being “powered by Parhako”


No Surprises​

You don’t waste money on inactive/ghost students.

Flat Charges​

You don't have to keep topping up your account with credit if you add new user.

Unlimited or Almost Unlimited Users​

You don't have to worry about number of active or registered users.




How to Choose the Best Pricing Plan?

The variety of pricing plans may look like a confusing minefield of number of users, courses, and features. Before committing to a purchase, follow our instructions to work out the right plan that meets your needs.

Step 1: Tally up the users you plan to train

Before opting for a certain plan, figure out how many learners will use the system during a billing cycle, say, a month. Will this amount be stable throughout the year?

Step 2: Determine how long the Parhako will be used by each user

Will all your users be the same people, or will they come and go? If you plan to use the product for onboarding courses only, the total amount of active users may be stable, more or less, but the users will be different.

Step 3: Estimate how many courses you’re going to teach

In many cases, Parhako cost is based on the number of uploaded courses and space needed for data storage. If you conduct training regularly throughout the day, then look for a provider and a plan with a high or unlimited data storage allowance.

Step 4: Define essential features and integrations

Before opting for a certain plan, figure out how many learners will use the system during a billing cycle, say, a month. Will this amount be stable throughout the year?

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve collected a list of the most commonly asked questions. Getting the answers to them will provide you with a better understanding of learning management system pricing, and help you find out how much your Parhako really costs.

All plans include all the features of existing Parhako products like: Parhako Classroom, Parhako Lessons, Parhako Edment, and we’d announce the new pricing plans for upcoming products: Parhako Study, Parhako Experts and Parhako meet when they launch.

There are no charges except the one-time setup fee and the pricing plan you choose.

The plan can be upgraded as needed with the pro-rated additional cost included in your bill automatically. As for downgrading, you can do that and the costs would be refreshed in your next billing cycle.

There is a 14-day free trial for Parhako after which you’d have to pay. The cancellation does not cost anything during the trial. Any other cancellation would be done after the current billing cycle. We do not offer any refund policy currently. Reach out to our team in case of any special case. We would love to facilitate on case basis.